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Use of the Website?

What is portfolio on BSC?

Today there are a lot of Digital yield farmer on BSC chain. Also Ethereum, Terra and Solana Chian. De centralize financial is very popular. Look only BSC chain.
Number 1-3 in total has TVL more than 20 billion dollar.
For Total Value Lock in Defi is about 35 billion dollar.
After several month in our yield farmer experience. We found painpoint that lead us to create Portfolio for defi. Which lead us to start develop Web3 web responsive that support Metamask wallet
and also under the Smart Chain of Binance they provide BSCSCAN as api to query and submit data into blockchain. So we start coding connect to Pancakeswap , Autofarm, EPS, Belts, BTCs and more to provide asset of the yield’s farmer. And today we support more than 20 farms on Smart Chain. Which we hungry for more to support All Famous farm on Smart Chain.

First kickoff.

Connection to Wallet

we provide web3 connect with metamask by Click “Connect Wallet” and Inputbox to provide other wallet to help Yield farmer can track their own asset in SmartChain. All so we provide Mobile support by pass the address at URL for easy to use.
so. Any wallet can pass (address) by dapp using this feature. Which allow famous Wallet can open dapp to our portfolio webapp. Example Metamask on mobile and Safepal on mobile.
We will continue add more Popular wallet into our Platform. Example Wallet Connect , BSC wallet.
  1. 1.
    My Farm : Show the farm detail of each yield farmer( Summary asset, wallet asset , each farm asset)
  2. 2.
    Farm Price : show token price and graph.

First sector

Our application summary 4 types of asset
  1. 1.
    Net Worth = (total asset + total wallet + total yield )- total debt
  2. 2.
    Total asset = all farm in total
  3. 3.
    Total yield = all yield in total
  4. 4.
    Total debt = all debt in total
List of farms that we support to provide first impression to our Yield farmer when visit application.
Second sector
We provide list of token and price then summary as how much asset in total yield farmer has.
Third sector: List of Pool and asset provide (day mode , night mode) you can toggle from the left menu.
Function that interact with Smart contract
  1. 1.
    Claim : from our webapp. User will found that they don’t have to open 20 tab to Claim reward from provide the Liquidity. They will happy to Click and Claim from 1 page.
  2. 2.
    Withdraw (Unstake). User can also withdraw asset direct from smart contract